Laravel 5.4 #26 : End of the series

As I explained in the blog’s welcome article, every month was going to write about one technology, today is the last day of July, therefore, this series ends today

But it doesn’t mean that I will not write more about Laravel, in programming you always have to practice and investigate because there are always new things (new versions, better ways to do something, etc.) of the same thing. Therefore, surely some time I will write some article about Laravel, since I have some things left and I would like to treat them.

Personally, I have learned a lot in this series and I hope that you have also learned a lot, or even, something new.

Next steps with Laravel

If you liked Laravel and you want to go into this great PHP framework you can take a look at the article that I wrote about the best books about Laravel (in Spanish) or you can read the documentation.

Things you could add to the project

Now, I will list some things I would have liked to add but I haven’t had time enough. You can do it yourself to practice. Maybe in the future I do it and I publish it, who knows.

  • Complete administration
  • Create a package about something useful for the project
  • Be able to mark notifications as read when we click the notifications icon (this would be done with Ajax)
  • Being able to edit the profile from another page or a popup, to make it more elegant
  • Use Redis for something to practice and see how it works
  • And everything you can think of…


Next series

Long time ago I would have liked to start playing with the technology that I will write about in the next series, since it is being used a lot and is gaining popularity lately and more and more. The framework that I am going to treat will be Vue.js.

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that allows us to develop user interfaces through components and thus create SPA (Single Page Application) or web applications easily. Therefore, as it is based on views (user interfaces), this framework isn’t a backend framework like Laravel, it is a frontend framework.

When you install Laravel, Vue.js comes integrated by default, therefore, for sure I will do something together during this series.